Need new mobo, which way to go?

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Need new mobo, which way to go?

Post by jaybird »

Yes I still have at least one BP6 running, can't seem to part with it, ...sigh.
(dual 366's @ 605, 768 PC133, has not missed a beat in years! Retired the dual PIII 1100's, getting to hard to find)

Humph! I need some advice, I want to upgrade one box but don't want (can't afford) to replace everything.

I want to go as fast as I can either single or dual without replacing anything but the mobo, cpu(s) and memory.

I would like to stick with dual if possible, love that load sharing ;)

I have:

PNY GeForce FX5500 256meg AGP dual head vid card
Chaintek 7.1 sound card w/dtts2500 sound system
Pinnacle AV/DV Studio Deluxe w/breakout "blue" box
Adaptec SCSII card for Microtek X6EL flat-bed scanner
Generic 1394 FireWire card(for capture without Pinnacle).
Generic 10/100 NIC

I have been using a Gigabyte dual PIII (1.23ghz) & 1 gig PC133.

I do video conversions, 8mm, Super 8, 16mm and VHS to DVD "scrap-books". I do this for a living and need something faster but it doesn't need to be "state-of-the-art!

Present system is rock solid but getting soooo slooow! Rendering times are killing me! "Scrap-book" clips are getting longer and longer, getting to the point of "producing" 1 1/2hr long DVD's. Money is good but nights are getting longer and longer if you know what I mean!

Ideas, thoughts, etc?


Jay F.
Dave Rave
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Post by Dave Rave »

plenty of cheap stuff around
and a 2ghz won't mind load sharing on it's own
a 2.4 "can" be HT so it will load share to itself

dual amd is good, in an MP, but they get hot
Tyan 246x about 1800-2200
(( where's that profile update so we know where you are ...
so I can post an ebay link )) ... dZViewItem ... dZViewItem

check this guy
bp6's 3 x dual @ 533
. . . . 1 x dual @ 466
. . . . 1 sngl @ 400
[( 2 x dual xeon 2.4ghz )]
[( 2 x dual xeon 2.66ghz )]
[( 1 x 2.4C ghz )]
[( 1 x 2.4B ghz )]
[( 1 x dual AMD 1800MP )]
[( 1 x P4 1600 )]
[( 1 x 500 ppga )]
3 x piii 866
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