VP6 & .Net Server upgrade

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A friends BP6 exhibited similar symptoms, we both run deskstars and we both have been running XP pro on BP6s.... his would load any OS except XP.... we struggled for days... going through the usual fdisk etc numerous times.... in the end I resorted to stretching the ribbon cable from his drive to an ide port free on my VP6 and partioned and formatted his drive under XPs own disk management... on reconnecting his drive to his highpoint controller XP installed fine first time... (obviously doing the F6 bit to load HPT 366 drivers on the way)

I had similar grief but worse when my stripe set fell apart on the VP6.. pair of 60Gb IBM deskstars... in fact my drives made horrible noises like they had media defects....

IBM have a piece of software on their site called "drive fitness test"....
this I used to bring my 60Gb drives back to life.. by wiping the drives completely including the boot sector and using IBMs disk manager utility to "prepare" the drives....

Something beyond my understanding is a bit wierd about XP and the way it bypasses the BIOS to access the drive... allegedely there are also issues with IBM deskstars running XP... I currently have 6 Deskstars in my XP machines and only the VP6 has given me grief, the BP6 has not been any trouble despite me always using the Highpoint from day one.

In fairness to the VP6 I screwed it up once while it was running XP in raid 0... installing Mandrake Linux as a second OS got it confused as Mandrake did not see it as a Raid array... some of my subsequent problems may have been a legacy of that....

I am sorry if this rambles a bit... it has been a long day!
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