Just brought my BP6 back from the dead

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Just brought my BP6 back from the dead

Post by mattbrown »

I know this site isn't as popular as it once was, but I had to post this because it feels like I've just won the lottery...

So I'm an owner of a BP6 and it was in fantastic condition, with none of the original capacitors showing any signs of failure. But one day a year or so back, it failed to Post, after working fine just a few hours earlier.

So I did the usual, swapped all the components etc. etc. to no avail. So I boxed it up and thought I'd deal with it another day.

A couple of months back I dug it out again to try and get it to work. Late last year I bought myself a decent soldering iron, and have recently recapped about half a dozen motherboards, with mostly success. So armed with a bit of experience I thought I'd change all the caps as per the article over at Badcaps.net because I thought nothing ventured, nothing gained. Anyway it didn't make a difference but I did do a good neat job of it.

Also last year I bought a couple of usb chip programmers, which worked fine with Plcc32 chips on other motherboards I had, but it didn't have the right socket for Dip32 chips. A few weeks back I made an adaptor to plug into the USB programmer and used it to try and program the BP6's winbond chip, but although it said it was successful, when ever I verified it, it failed. Hot swapping it using another motherboard also had failed.

So I bought some SST chips that were of similar spec to the winbond one used on the BP6, and today they arrived.

I programmed one with the official Abit bios, and it also verified good, so I plugged it in, still not expecting much, and voila, it POST'd.

I'm now over the moon having got my motherboard back.
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Re: Just brought my BP6 back from the dead

Post by mmu_man »

Yay, well done!
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Re: Just brought my BP6 back from the dead

Post by Derek »

Nicely done!
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