[ KB ] Lin Lin Adapter Settings

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[ KB ] Lin Lin Adapter Settings

Post by Derek »

Thanks to onelegdis for the following Lin Lin jumper information:
  • No Jumpers a1 through b3 :: 1.30V
    a8-a9 :: 1.35V
    a2-a3 :: 1.40V
    a2-a3 a8-a9 :: 1.45V
    a5-a6 :: 1.50V
    a5-a6 a8-a9 :: 1.55V
    a2-a3 a5-a6 :: 1.60V
    a2-a3 a5-a6 a8-a9 :: 1.65V
    b2-b3 :: 1.70V
    a8-a9 b2-b3 :: 1.75V
    a2-a3 b2-b3 :: 1.80V
    a2-a3 a8-a9 b2-b3 :: 1.85V
    a4-a5 b2-b3 :: 1.90V
    a8-a9 b2-b3 :: 1.95V
    a2-a3 a5-a6 b2-b3 :: 2.00V
    a2-a3 a5-a6 a8-a9 b2-b3 :: 2.05V
    b5-b6 b8-b9 :: 66MHz
    b8-b9 :: 100MHz
    No Jumpers b4 through b9 :: 133MHz
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Post by henryholz333 »

I have found some helpful tips with the lin lin tualatin adapter. Not only does it have the jumper settings but it does have some overclocking settings as well.

Go here: http://www.hardwarecooling.com/product_ ... iews_id/15
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Post by kuun »

awesome link man, thanks for sharing
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