[ KB ] Golden Orb Goodness W/Neo Adapters

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[ KB ] Golden Orb Goodness W/Neo Adapters

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Other Information
See our first review of the Golden Orbs here: http://www.bp6.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=887

Down to Business:
Powerleap was nice enough to give BP6.com a preview of their new product the NEO S370 FC-PGA to PPGA adapters (which by the way has not been released yet). The main reason I'm guessing it hasn't shipped yet, may be due to the fact that Intel just recently started shipping out the new cB0 stepped PIII FC-PGA cpu's into the mainstream. For BP6 users that means you should be able to pop the newest shiny PIII cB0 FC-PGA into your mobo. Now what are you going to do once it's installed in your system and you want to overclock your PC? Chances are that if you are reading these very words (Hi Mom!) then you allready have 2 Golden Orbs and are wondering how to pop them onto your Powerleap adapters. This is where the "Fitting the G.O. (golden orb) for the NEO" comes into play. This product and parts needed are probably the cheapest cooling solution you could get for a BP6, with cool looking heatsinks and impressive cooling. This How-To will give you a quick no-brainer solution to quickly mod your orbs to be NEO compliant.

Parts Needed: (No need for a 3 litre bottle of Mountain Dew this time; a can should do nicely).

2 Golden Orbs
2 matching FC-PGA SMP Enabled PIII CPU's
2 NEO S370 Adapters.
A pair of pliers (preferably needle nose)
4 good paper clips. (don't spend too much on these - snag them off a co-workers desk at work or from your teachers desk)
10-20 minutes of your valuable time.

Clearance Problem:
Mounting the Golden Orbs on the BP6 is a fairly easy task once you figure out how they lock on. But when you use them with the NEO S370 and FC-PGA CPU's you will have to extend tjhe reach of the patented Thermaltake mounting clip. The NEO S370 is about 1 cm high and thereby preventing the clips from locking onto the PGA socket.

Here are the steps and parts I used, just click for a closer view (It should be pretty self explanatory):


Fitting The Heatsink: (Use one paperclip per side per heatsink)
Image Image

Crimping The Loop: (Make sure to crimp it good so the paperclip is secure)

It Should Look Like This:
Image Image

Finished product:

Drink the Mountain Dew before you start.
Use good quality paperclips: "The thicker the clip the better it clip."
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