[ KB ] Copper Super e-CPU Cooler w/ 7000 RPM Fan

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[ KB ] Copper Super e-CPU Cooler w/ 7000 RPM Fan

Post by Derek »

Dynatron's Copper Super e-CPU Cooler w/ 7000 RPM Fan
By Derek Solarino ( Derek@BP6.Com )

Image Image


Dynatron ( http://www.dynatron-corp.com ) sent us two Super e-CPU Coolers to share with you. Unfortunately no BP6 motherboard will have the pleasure of utilizing these super-duper copper coolers. The Super e-CPU Cooler conflicts with the capacitors around the sockets as the Golden Orbs do. ( See our Orb review )

My first impressions while trying to attach it were not good. I was having one hell of a time trying to push the clips down to clip the heat sink to the socket, more so than any other heat sinks I've installed. Unluckily I destroyed a processor while I was at it. All over the bottom of the heat sink was my poor old Duron. I can't say I was surprised, I really had to push hard on the clips to secure the heat sink. Now, I know they don't make processors like they used to (I'm referring to the indestructible Celeron) but these clips were insanely tense. Hey, at least I'm positive there's 100% continuity between the heat sink and CPU. A good tip to know before installing heat sinks is to apply even pressure from the top of the heat sink and not to move the heat sink while pressing down on the CPU.

Cooler Specs:

Thermal Resistance:
AMD: 0.40C/W - INTEL: 0.49C/W
AMD: K7(Socket A)---1.5/1.6/1.7GHZ
INTEL: FC-PGA(Socket 370)---866/933MHZ and 1/1.26GHZ
V/A/W: DC12V/0.3A/3.6W
Air Flow: 44.0 C.F.M
Speed: 7000RPM
Noise: 50.5dBA
Weight: 467gm
Fan: 60*60*38(mm)
Sink: 61*64*40(mm)

I requested the 7000RPM fan version because I wanted something extreme, the downside is the noise. If 50.5 decibels isn't for you don't fear, Dynatron supplies the same heat sink with three different fans: 5300RPM @ 40dBA, 6800RPM @ 45dBA, and this version ( 7000RPM @ 50.5dBA ).

Full load tests were done by running SETI ( About SETI ), and temperatures were monitored using Motherboard Monitor. ( http://mbm.bp6.com )


Comparison machine with standard OEM supplied heat sink:
Asus A7A266 - AMD Athlon XP 2100+ @ 1766MHz 1.75Volts
  • Ambient Temperature:.......23C - 73F
    System Temperature:........26C - 82F
    CPU Temperature:.............69C - 156F
Computers running Copper Super e-CPU Cooler:
Asus A7A266 - AMD Athlon XP 2100+ @ 1820MHz 1.8Volts
  • Ambient Temperature:.......23C - 73F
    System Temperature:........28C - 82F
    CPU Temperature:.............45C - 113F
Asus A7V333 - AMD Athlon XP 2100+ @ 1755MHz 1.8Volts
  • Ambient Temperature:.......23C - 73F
    System Temperature:........23C - 73F
    CPU Temperature:.............41C - 105F
The Technology:

Another reason it's able to cool so well is its use of MicroFins Technology. Here's some Q&A about it from Dynatrons page:

Image Image
What is the MicroFins Technology?
MicroFins is one of the worlds most advanced, new concepts developed by Dynatron Corporation, and permits the production of copper heat sinks with a precise and super fine detail previously considered impossible.

Why do we need the MicroFins Technology coolers?
As the Intel and AMD processors expanded faster, the thermal solution of cooling devices fair behind CPU. For cutting edge technology, Dynatron Corporation invests and developed the MicroFins Technology to fill the current market need to build a better device for the AMD: K7 (SocketA) Intel:FC-PGA(Socket 370) thermal solutions.

Why do the MicroFins Technology Coolers better than other coolers?
The traditional methods to make the heat sinks are Extrusion, Forging, and Die- Casting, and the maximum fins can be manufactured with a density approximately 20 to 40 fins their thickness or diameter. The material must mix with other metal to form heat sink with the thick and low-density fins that can't meet the thermal solution for the CPU. Some other method mix copper with other material to form the outer frame and brazed or weld the fins into the heat sink, which created the interface layer about 2 to 3 degree of the heat increase between the bottom heat sink and the fins, and also its very difficult to control the quality of the mass production heat sinks because some poor contract or disassociate of brazed or weld fins which is not a reliable products. Nevertheless, Dynatron's MicroFins Technology coolers can eliminated all the weakness problems. MicroFins advantage points are:

Fin Cross Section - the cross sectional shape of the fin is skives with thin slice with 0.35 mm and 1.0mm pitch in the 60 x 60 heat sink that is better heat dissipation.

Fin Density - high density up to 60 fins for AMD K7 and Intel FC-PGA CPUs.

Fin Distribution - formed ideal distribution, the fins arrayed uniformly on the base without the interfaces, which decrease at lease 2 to 3 degree of heat source.

For Material - applied the high quality of aluminum, and the copper to build the heat sinks for Cooler series.

Unique High Quality - cut though the whole pieces of aluminum or copper evenly to form up to 60 high thin fins, and all heat sinks are unique high quality in our production line. In conclusion, taking performance factor into account, Dynatron's CPU coolers had high-density fins 2 to 3 times than other coolers, and reliability quality products, we highly recommend high density fins of heat sink with high pressure drop cooling fan for your GHz CPU.

In a nutshell, the fins that are cooled by the fan are very thin, and there are a lot more of them. This allows for heat to transfer more easily and aids in faster and more efficient cooling. Take a look at this picture:


The heat sink on the left is a regular OEM heat sink. Note the huge fins (not great for heat dissipation). The heat sink on the right is Dynatron's heat sink with MicroFins.


I'm sorry I can't use these coolers on my BP6, but for everything else it cools like a charm. I recommend this heat sink and fan setup to overclockers as it is the key to a cool CPU. For everyday users, well, you don't want or need the "hum" of 7000+ revolutions per minute; I suggest the 5300RPM unit for you. The clip problems I had were worth the trouble once I got the cooler attached.

Copper Super e-CPU Cooler w/ 7000 RPM Fan
Model #: DY1206BH-638

Rating: 8 out of 10

Pros: 100% Copper + MicroFins Technology + Different heat sink/fan combos available + high output (CFM) fan.

Cons: Small and tense clips + can't install on BP6 without moving capacitors.

Recommended: Yes!

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you can cut down on the sides like you do the orbs can't you?

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Post by Derek »

kuun wrote:you can cut down on the sides like you do the orbs can't you?

There's quite a bit to cut, the base is a solid block of copper. But if you have the right tools, yes, that would work.
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