Replacing the BP6 Fan Header Transistors

Frequently asked questions about the BP6.

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Replacing the BP6 Fan Header Transistors

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This FAQ is dedicated to BP6er and resident Linux expert, purrkur, who replaced the processor fan header transistors on his BP6. Thanx, purrkur!

The BP6 processor fan header transistors are located at the edge of the mainboard (close to the memory sockets) to the right or left of FAN1 and FAN2 fan connectors, depending on how you are looking at the mainboard. purrkur's pictures in his thread can help in locating them.

The fan headers stop working for one reason or another but does not happen very often. Fortunately, purrkur has provided valuable information to get them working!

Here is the link to purrkur's thread. Fixing Fan Headers

Warning: Soldering surface-mounted components is not for the weak of heart. If your are not sure about what you are doing, find someone who is well-versed in micro-electronic repair. You will be glad you did.
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