Repairing/Replacing the BP6 Toroidal Coils

Frequently asked questions about the BP6.

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Repairing/Replacing the BP6 Toroidal Coils

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This FAQ is dedicated to BP6er, erik006, who provided valuable information about repairing his own damaged coils. Thanx, erik006!.

The BP6 has four toroidal induction coils. These induction coils are apart of the BP6's voltage regulation circuits. Two are about 14mm in diameter and other two are about 9mm in diameter. The larger coils are located close to processor socket CPU2, which is next to keyboard/mouse/USB ports. They are a light sea green colour. The other smaller coils are located by the two groups of four black electrolytic capacitors. These are a pale yellow colour.

I will provide some pictures of the coil's locations. Goods ones and bad ones.

These coils may need to be replaced if they become scorched or burnt, due to faulty or bad voltage regulation capacitors.

Here is the link to erik006's thread. Toroidal Coils

The magnet wire that erik006 used is insulated or enamelled with a clear coating. Be very careful when winding the core so you do not "nick" or "break" the coating on the wire.
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