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as you all know, in WinXP SP3, we didn't get the only good thing about Vista - and that is BoostReady...

basically it's Flash card that has all the executives and can read from it, while starting programs - so that the HDD can do some othe things: reading .sys or .ini files...or writing SWAP file...

but there is a program that works on WinXP and it's called eBoostr...lately I've been testing (version 3,0) it & it works great!
boot-time speed up to 2-3times as before...starting programs is also faster, much more faster!

basically I recommend all of you to try it! (this is not a commercial)

eBoostr costs up to $20-60 - depending on the package you want to buy?
also, there is a "free/cracked" version to be found over torrents, but you will have find the torrent file to use it (I'm not going to post pirate stuff on the forum)....try Mininova!
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nice find.... unfortunately I've moved over to vista for my main and my xp machines are F@H rigs....
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On Windows 7 RTM here. :P
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Post by Derek »

^^ Do we need a new forum? :)
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Post by kuun »

klik you naughty pirate suggesting i search torrents..

such a wonderful idea it is indeed :)

btw thanks for this post.. im on winXPx64 sp2 (i know finally right?)

will be adding this to my list of programs to install after i allieviate my filesystem issue i've got going on
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