cannot run XP application in 2000 Pro? [Merged]

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cannot run XP application in 2000 Pro?

Post by jaybird »

I'm looking to buy a certain piece of software for my wife (Polaroid scrapbook suite) but it says "Windows XP and above.". I called their "tech support" hot-line and asked if it would run under 2000 Pro and was told no but they couldn't tell me why.

I know, just switch, right?

I remember there used to be a way to "fake-out" windows to run later versions of software in older OS'S but don't know if this holds true with 2000 & XP.

Ideas or thoughts anyone?


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Post by InactiveX »

This is from my XP SP2:

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Post by davd_bob »

Sure. Use the SETVER command in your Autoexec.bat. Um, on second thought that probably works only on DOS.

FWIW, I just opened a DOS window and ran
For XP-home-OEM SP2...VER reported 5.1.2600.
For 2000 Pro SP4...........VER reported 5.00.195

If you have the software try it. I Googled Poloride My Memories Suite and didn't come up with much.
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