physical bios problem

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physical bios problem

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Hi. I've been willing to setup an new server based on my old BP6 mobo lately, but unfortunately, after a reboot (or a small power down, i can't remember), the bios ended being corrupted (wrong checksum). The only option i had was to directly boot from a floppy, and rewrite it .. I tried to, but with the AWDFLASH utility, i got erros when writting, and the utility itself does not even manage to get to the end, and seems to freeze.

I guess this might be a physical bios error, and i would like to change the chip, but i can't figure out what to change exactly on the mobo .. can anyone give me a little piece of advice ?

Dave Rave
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bp6 manual
page 1-3 Layout diagram

top right
Bat flashrom

you need to be able to
while it's up and running (i think )
pry out the old rom chip and put in a new one
and then write the flash rom again
while it's running as you can't start it without it running

etc ....
dya see ?
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Post by KliK »

on eBAY you can find some BIOS ship for BP6...or you can buy in some computer shop a new BIOS chip and write BP6 data on it!!
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