Johnny 5 at warp 7!

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Johnny 5 at warp 7!

Post by jaybird »

Just completed my latest up grade to my V0.41 board, replacing the old GlobalWIN FEP-32's with modified Spire Whisper V coolers.

I found the coolers at Newegg for $4.99 + SH & HDLG (these have quiet low speed 27 cfm fans), found 5 Delta 80mm 47 cfm fans for $10 + SH & HDLG on eBay and swapped everything out last night.

I am writing this using my lapped 366's @ 594 mhz :D !

CPU temps have dropped more than 5 deg. F (as seen by MBM 5.0), case temps have gone up over 10 deg. F indicating to me that the modified Spire's are doing their job, now I just need to install the 3 othere Delta's as case fans and get the heat out of the case!

Have been able to go into Windowz @ 605 and run CPU BURN-IN for 15min before lock-up.

Humm, maybe some Pelt's under the Spires :wink: ? (just saw some pelts on eBay that come with a automatic temp controller to help avoid condensation)

Have taken pic's of before and after, did require r&r of mobo but the installation was very easy and the Spire clips were much easier to use than the GlobalWIN clips.

OBTW, just located another 1100E!

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u da man!!!

BTW, what measures are you taking to protect the BX? You know that when running over 100fsb on dual CPUs a BX440 can cook red meat as well as any charcoal pit.
There are *almost* no bad BP6s. There are mostly bad caps.

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Post by jaybird »

Yeah man!

To answer your question(s):

I have intalled a "mini-peltier" on the BX chip set w/386 fan.

Whisper V with Delta 80mm fans (big mistake noise wise!)

I now have a "747" on my desk-top!

OBTW, please see my pics, this website, "your picture gallery, jaybird".
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