rise undead beast

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rise undead beast

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well i finally got a new home for my bp6, nothing fancy, but its gonna do the job. http://pcclub.com/imageviewer.cfm?ID=A1313194

so i threw it all together last nite, dual 366mhz, 1 stick of 256mb ram (double sided) , and im using these heatsink/fan combos http://www.hardcoreware.net/reviews/review-65-1.htm and im also using a old 486cpu ran on the bx chipset. got an intake 80mm fan upfront, and 80mm exhaust in back. then tossed in a pci banshee for some video loving. then using some allied 300W pos PS for now.

connect all the power headers, led, hdd, speaker, etc. hit power....beep, successful boot, after this beast has been sittin in an ESD baggie for well over a year. and booted up fine. overcloicked to like 523mhz or something. so for bein safe at first, i just dropped it back to defaults, 366mhz, 2.0v boot up, check voltages and temps in bios. all is well :)

so i hooked up a fdd with a new bios, i loaded some bios with some wacky penguin logo, lol. im gonna flash it with the RU bios none of that new p3 microcode since well im not using em. but thats all after i get back from work today...

so the point of this post? meh i dunno, just stoked that i got this system loded again, cuz this was my system thru the last part of highschool, and all thru college...good memories on this rig :) gaming, serving, pwning :)

oh yeas, also visually inspected all my caps, and none of em appear to be bulging, leaking, bent, broke etc. but my cpu fan header 2 doesnt work at all, so i have to use a molex connector to 3pin adapter to get power for it. id like to fix my board cpu fan thing, but im not skilled enough to kno what im doing or why it wont work anymore either..

in the end im just happy i got it up and workin again and its all fine n humming along :)
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