Abit BF6 with 600mhz ps slot 1 @ 783 mhz

Batch codes, RAM specs, BIOS settings, etc..
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Abit BF6 with 600mhz ps slot 1 @ 783 mhz

Post by chemicall »

I just started overclockin this baby yesterday, shes startin to come together and be pretty fast...heres specs

ABIT BF6 motherboard
320mb pc-133
P3 600MHZE @ 783 (ohh you knows it goin higher :) )
Vcore - 1.85V
I/O - 1.60V
cpu temp - 25 degrees at idle (well not quite winamp and stuff is goin)
mobo temp - 20 degrees at idle
40 gig maxtor
8 gig maxtor
HUGE tower with 7 5 1/4 bays
dual power supplys
120mm fan that sounds like a car is running :) ( it runs off 115 volts lol)
2 sunon fans in the back 80 mm
2 more sunons in the front 80mm
80mm sunon fan on processor
cd r/rw
floppy drive
64mb agp video
pci nic
This tower got's 3 power cords all wired to turn on and off at the same time through that power supply trick thing heheh ( i run 1 atx 1 at and the 115 v fan)
anyways its pretty smokin for a p3 id say and it seems to be stable...the max it hits under full load is about 40 (i have yet to find clips for my new heatsink)
i got a scsi card and some 18 and 37 gig ultra 320 drives coming for this monster...and wen i get my digi back ill be taking back...so hold tight folks
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Post by kuun »

hey.. nice work!

keep us posted on the scsi stuff.. im interested to know how those drives handle the p3 when overclocking..
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Post by purrkur »

Hmmm. I think if you add three more fans you might get 5 more MHz....

2x533MHz@544MHz, 2.0V
640MB PC100 memory
Realtek RTL-8139 NIC
Maxtor 6Y080L0 80GB hdd
Debian Linux stable with 2.4.8 kernel
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