selling "video editing system"

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selling "video editing system"

Post by jaybird »

I just up-graded to a Pentium D820 over-clocked to 3.4GHz, 2gig of PC3200 and a 256meg dual head vid card with a Turtle Beach 7.1 surround card.

My old system has been stable as a rock for 4 years but now I am involved with film conversions and the rendering times went through the roof.

So, my loss is some one elses gain!

I have:

Dual PIII Gigabyte server mobo with dual PIII's @ 1.23GHz
Spire Whisper socket 370 coolers
active cooling on the NorthBridge
1 gig PC133 (4 X 256meg memory)
Pinnacle AV/DV Studio Deluxe 8.5 w/ "Blue" break-out box ("S" video, composite and 1394 FireWire)
Creative Sound Blaster Live Platinum 5.1 (not Audigy) w/Live Drive

Works best with XP Pro but used 2000 Pro with special Creative based drivers with no problems!

All software, manuals, required cables and I will even toss in additional software, BIOS and drivers that I used over the years to "enhance" the process.

This is no "rinky-dink" or "fly-by-night" system. I have been doing this for a living for several years and this has been the most stable, rock-solid system I have used up to date, however, my newest software requires some very intensive rendering and with the volume of work I now have I just simply needed something faster!

$275.00 USD takes the lot! Feel free to contact me with any questions


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Post by davd_bob »

First I drool, then realize Im way to brook to make an offer so I end up crying.

Thats a lot of system.
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Post by tenchimuyo93 »

First I drool, then realize Im way to brook to make an offer so I end up crying.

Thats a lot of system

me and you both..................... :(
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