Wanted, iWill DVD266-R

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Wanted, iWill DVD266-R

Post by jaybird »

If anyone has an iWill DVD266-R type mobo that they would like to part with please let me know.

I purchased one on eBay but it seems to have arrived DOA (no problem with seller, very kind about it).

When I power it up there is no video and all I get is a continuous series of one long beep after another (fans start, thats about it).


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Post by s4brains »


Does the board have an ISA slot? I once had success troubleshooting an old mobo by putting an ISA video card in it. An ISA video card can often display even when PCI and AGP cannot.

I'm not familliar with the model number you refer to. Seems like the models I watch for on eBay are "KK266R" but they are for socket 462 chips.

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Post by davd_bob »

Geez, jay,
I was reading reviews on that board yesterday. Isn't that the first "duallie duallie duallie tuallie" board?
(Dual cpus, ddr, raid and it can run Tualatins)

Anyway, I've had luck by pulling the bios chip then powering the board a few seconds, power off and then re-inserting the bios chip. Of course that was on really old boards tht the bios chip was easy to pull.

I did a variation of that on one of my BP6s by removing the battery, power up a few seconds with the jumper in "clear bios" position then power off and put battery back.

Good luck.
There are *almost* no bad BP6s. There are mostly bad caps.

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