2u rackmount BP6 server dual 366@550 Best Offer

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2u rackmount BP6 server dual 366@550 Best Offer

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I have a rackmount 2u server case that has room for a floppy cdrom and 2 hard drives. could accomadate a 3rd HD with out the floppy. there is a 300 watt true power supply in it. There is currently a 16mb nvidia graphics card of some sort and a 3com 905 nic in it. there is room for one more PCI device. there is currently and 8gb western digital hard drive and 256m pc100 ECC running a clean install of Suse 9.0.

Please make an off on this. the case alone would cost you $150 new today. I do not want anywhere near that. I also have available a matched pair of Celeron 466 processors and a brand new piece of Viking 256mb PC100 ecc that matches the type in this system. It has a lifetime warranty from Viking as does the stick that is in the system. I also have a 40gb IBM hard drive that I can through in. I will sell any combo of these parts for a reasonable offer check ebay for ballpark prices. If it doesn't sell here that is where it is headed.
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need to know where you live ...
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