bp6 w/pair 366's w/globalwin coolers needs good home

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bp6 w/pair 366's w/globalwin coolers needs good home

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I replaced 6 caps on the bottoms of the cpu last year (or the year before) and it ran stable again for a while (I'm upset the company did not send me a full set of replacement caps). Anways, the board is unstable again and I see one cap on the board edge is visibly swollen, all 6 of those should be replaced. Fixing my sloppy solder job on the bototm 6 are optional.

I bought the board, CPU's and heat sinks as a package deal certified to run 550, however I personally could only get them to run stable @539.
After my last cap job and having a much higher quality power supply I ran them at 550 for a bit but ended up running the machine @366.

The board & cpus spent most of their life running linux, initially as a desktop, then as my firewall/web/game server, until the caps started failing. I really really hate to see this go but I've just got too much junk. (2 tyan s2460s, MSI K7d-master, a64 htpc & a dual core x2).

The voltage regulators are the good ones:



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PM'ed ya
There are *almost* no bad BP6s. There are mostly bad caps.

No BP6s remaining
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