Anybody for overkill ?

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Dave Rave
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Anybody for overkill ?

Post by Dave Rave »

saw this on Ebay, so it's not really for sale by me,
plus think of the shipping costs. :o
omfg, it's the new quake server
I wanna see what the end price is ..... :lol:
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Post by davd_bob »

I don't know...
Most of the equipment is, whats the word?, not CLASSIC, oh yea VINTAGE!!

If someone is setting up something that needs a lot of multi-processing they would be better off buying a lot less, newer faster equipment...but still...

I doubt its really worth much more then the shipping which I think it said was $750 but only local in Sidney.

I noticed the one gig of PC-100 ram was listed as costing $11 THOUSAND when new. Now days whats that worth used and possably faulty?

And what about P-III 500s in todays world?

Just my 2 cents worth.

how would you have liked to have been there when that equipment was NEW and just being installed?
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Post by 24seven »

Its old, but yes please!!!1111!one1one!
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