Best video card possible on a BP6?

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Best video card possible on a BP6?

Post by TomMackinnon »

Hey guys, a while ago I was given a free computer from on old lady, too my disgust it said Celeron on the front of it :lol:. I promptly took it home and ripped it apart to salvage any usefull parts... and I see a motherboard with two sockets. This peaked my interest and well, now I am here.

I have been reading a lot about this board and am ready to take it on as a project into dual processing.

I just ordered two 500MHz Celeron's off E-bay for a few bucks and was wondering what is the best possible video card I can put in it.

The BP6 uses a 3.3V 1X/2X AGP system right?

It appears to me that the Radeon 9700 PRO supports 8X/4X AND 2X, though I don't know for sure. I really would like it if someone could confirm this for me so I could get one of them...

I was really hoping to stick a 7800GS into the BP6 but found it can't use anything less than 4X :x

So, if it would work I think the 9700 PRO is pretty much the highest end card you can run on the BP6. I basically want to make the best BP6 system I that is possible :D.

So far I'm planning the system to look like this:

2x 500MHz Celeron
Abit BP6
40GB Maxtor Diamond 8
Win 2000
Seasonic 500W PSU

I'm really hoping that I will be able to push these 500 Celerons up to 750MHz by going up to a 100MHz FSB, that would be my dream :D. It doesn't look like these CPU's put out a heck of a lot of heat compaired to newer processors so I think modern copper heatsinks that are modded to mount on this board should take the heat just fine... if that doesn't work, I have a watercooling system I can rig up to it.

I want to be able to proudly say that I can play newer games on a Dual Celeron computer, and If I have a 9700PRO is the computer I will probably be able to play newer games at 640x480 with all the settings turned down. Maybe even a bit better now that games are starting to become multithreaded due to the Dual-Core CPU's... i'm hoping all the new multithreaded applications will really make dual Celerons shine.

Thanks! You will probably see a lot of me on here from now on.
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Post by tenchimuyo93 »

dont know about the Radeon my Nivida Geforce4 MX4000 runs great {its called the crap of the line but for $30 cant complain}
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Post by InactiveX »

Hello and welcome TomMackinnon!

A free BP6! Result!

I have only ever used an old TNT2 Ultra in my BP6. Some have used newer cards, and I believe AGP voltages may cause a few headaches.

Have a good look around the forum. There's loads of good info here - the sum total of many knowledgeable BP6 owners' expertise.
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Post by KliK »

welcome TomMackinnon!

i see that you have great hopes with the machine...but in all my opinion ther is now way you will go much over 600MHz!! seems like that is the limit for the Mendosino core & air cooling...

about the GPU...
those cards you mentioned will work on BP6, but i'm not sure if there will be much benefit from my opinion BP6 might be good playing platform, but it is now made that way...
so you can save your bucks and bought some GF2 verions od early 9XXX Radeon card for the use...i use the Kyro2 chipset, and it works doesn't have hardware T&L, but the games that use that - are over my limit, well over 1GHz of singleCPU power - to which BP6 can concurate...

i hope you'll make a nice machine...keep us noticed about the upgrades!!
Dave Rave
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Post by Dave Rave »

ain't a dual cpu a nice surprise
and you thought it was all junk

nice to see the optimism
keep asking questions
but, most will already be answered .... keep reading.

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Post by TomMackinnon »

I guess I will go buy a Radeon 9700OPRO now :D.

Thanks guys!
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Post by davd_bob »

Its late, but Hello Tom and welcome to

How did your venture turn out? Post a follow up on what card you used and how it worked after you use it.

I have had good luck with Older cards like my G-Force5200. Other limitations make the newest games and software un-usable due to other limits of the BP6. The true power of the BP6 is its the best(and cheapest) platform I have ever seen to learn about "DUAL processing" and overclocking. And to that end, you want the SLOWEST celerons you can get...not the fastest. Most of us prefer the 366s. Im typing on dual 366s running at 550.

BTW, check the caps for bulging, leackage, and leaning. If you have any of those you will have a flakey board...but its not a big deal and really worth fixing.
There are *almost* no bad BP6s. There are mostly bad caps.

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