Does Your BP6 Computer Have A Name?

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purrkur wrote:I am a *nix person as well and of course computers should be named :)

Being Icelandic, I use various names from Norse mythology. My main box shares my middle name, Thor and my secondary box (BP6) is called Loki. My wife's box is Sif (naturally), my firewall and router is Valhalla. My webserver goes by the name of Sleipnir.
Dude! That's an awesome naming scheme.

So, four dual-port gigabit ethernet cards in the webserver then? ;)

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They said... and now my BP6 needs new processors... D'oh
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When I worked at Autodesk out in California, all the Solaris boxen were named. We had one group that were named after the monsters from Godzilla movies. godzilla, megalon, mothra, zero, etc. :D

This is where I was first exposed to *nix (AIX, Ultrix, SunOS/Solaris, Irix, HP-UX, VAX/VMS). 8)
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Mines called Blutack.

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My bp6 is called Aeon.

Other names for my past and present systems include Nebula (my lappie), Derelict (PC I found in the trash, heh), Foundry, Revolution, Avatar, Elsewhere, Logical, Minos, Cerberus, Charon, and Nova.
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Welcome to the group.

It never fails me that some of us are better with 'things then we are with people. Once several years ago I worked on a total stranger's 486. Maybe 18 months later someone asked me to fix their neighbors system, which I did...I remembered that 486 but not the owner until after we talked for about 10 minutes.

I haven't started naming my PC's yet because my kids would get mad that I remember the PC names but forget my grandkids names.
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Re: Does Your BP6 Computer Have A Name?

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InactiveX wrote:I was thinking, seeing as I spend so much time with my BP6, maybe I should give him/her/it a name (don't laugh, we're all geeks here)?

Does your BP6 PC have a name? Tell us! :?:
Scylla, naturally. daveA :)
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P1 (old Pentium 100/133MHz machine) with Soyo gavce up during the 2004, replaced by A1!

G6- Gateway series6 with Intel board...used Detschutes P2@400 fanless, upgraded to Coopermine P3@800...and then switched board for the T1 computer!

A1 - sister's Intel se440bx-2 with Klamath P2 proc! the computer was given to some firends, but with Cel proc, not the genuine Klamath... :)

BP6 - the BP6 with 2x533MHz, 768MB, etc....

T1 - with the Tualatin 1200MHz...

in progress A2, dual AthlonMP board...
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mine are pos"s

this one is pos9003
the amd in the living room is pos-9004
and just added a p4 "northwood" as pos-9005......

i think my xbox has a pos name to just to lazy to find out.
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What is your 2x500 @ 624 configured like? I don't recall seing anyone having that much sucess OC'ing 500s because they were so close to the limit of the line.
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