SETI accounts and windows XP home

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SETI accounts and windows XP home

Post by Billl »

I'm having a problem that hopefully someone else here has resolved already. I've used Win 98 for years but I'm new to XP. I'm running SETI on this machine (Win XP home) and I'm using setidriver with setipspy and the command line client on the administrator account. Could it be I shouldn't be runing it as Administrator? Here is my problem. Everything is fine until someone else logs into this machine as a normal user. Then when I go back to the admin account I find setidriver and setispy are froze. :? I pull up task manager and it appears the command line client is still running, :?: processor is at 100%. But setidriver and setispy never update themselves. Needless to say this is a real problem since I bought this machine for my wife and daughter to use and to cruch work units. Its a HP Athlon 2800 with 512 megs I don't usually buy prebuilt stuff but I figured for them it would be fine. :( But I can't let anyone else use this thing until I figure out why Microsoft's multiuser multitasking pile of crap won't do either :!: :x I hope someone here has an idea whats wrong :idea:



P.S. Most of the guys that post here I can see their progress on the SETI Stats page, but what name does Kuun run under :?: Just curious. :lol:
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Post by alnielsen »

If you have SETI Spy correctly set to start SETI Driver, move that shortcut file from \Documents & Settings\"your profile" \Start Menu\Programs\Startup to \Documents & Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. Then edit the properties of the SETI Spy shortcut so that it starts up minimized. This will make it transparent to your wife & daughter, unless they look for the icon in the tray.
For security purposes, you shouldn't be logged in as administrator. Create for yourself a Power User account and only login as admin when you need to do admin tasks. This is standard practice in LAN enviroments and at home could slow down the attack of a worm if you ever become infected.
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