Anyone put a BP6 in a 2U rackmount?

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Anyone put a BP6 in a 2U rackmount?

Post by Snowmirage »

I had to upgrade my home server as I just could not get the BP6 to cooperate with USB hard drives.

But I miss the old girl! lol but I am limited on space. Looks like I could fit a 2U case in the rack I built. But I need to find out what riser card combination I need to use to make use of the PCI slots. ... 6856999304

Found that on newegg, and it looks like the riser card has 2 leads that come off of it that are (at least in that photo) plugged into the PCI slots on the riser card. But would when installed be plugged into the slots on the board.

So 1 slot runs off the riser cards plug, and the other 2 off the leads? Am I correct there?

Also wondering if anyone that has tried this has come accross any clearance issues or anything.


and LONG LIVE THE BP6! lol
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Post by tenchimuyo93 »

right by reading the PDF from the manufactuer website, the riser card plugs into one slot and has leads for 2 other slots. also read that you can get a 3x PCI or 1x agp/2x PCI version.

Istarusa d200 pdf
Dave Rave
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Post by Dave Rave »

now I see it
yup, the riser plugs in to a slot
hope the BP6 has a PCI slot in the right position for the case.
and the other two slots don't work, like most riser cards, through the PCI slot it's in
but through the leads to the other PCI slots.
nice idea
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