Happy New Year 2015

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Happy New Year 2015

Post by Derek »

Happy new year! Another year that BP6.Com has remained online. Imagine, it all stared in 1999.

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Re: Happy New Year 2015

Post by mattbrown »

I'll post a reply, and say happy new year to you. My BP6 is sat under my desk and working still.
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Re: Happy New Year 2015

Post by InactiveX »

I'm still around!

My BP6 is still going strong. I don't use it much, but I keep it as a Windows 32-bit machine. It may eventually house my TC PowerCore cards, as they are no longer supported but still sound fabulous (you can prise the VSS3 reverb from my cold dead hands).

Other things I have been busying myself with recently:

Nintendo Virtual Boy
Software-defined radio
Analogue drum machines
Elite: Dangerous
Being a non-drinker

And I was 40 years old in June!
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Re: Happy New Year 2015

Post by kuun »

happy late birthday old man. i don't have a qorking bp6. i have a leaky cap mobo somewhere and 2 sets of matching CPU's though!

oh yeah, i'm still here every now and again.

things i'm busy with.

2girls ages 10 and 7 (not mine but mine) and 1 boy 2 april 25 (mine and most definitely mine)
reloading ammunition
work work and more work.
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