"Skulltrail" - Intel's New SMP Motherboard

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"Skulltrail" - Intel's New SMP Motherboard

Post by InactiveX »

The Inquirer takes a look at Skulltrail, Intel's new SMP motherboard.

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The Inquirer wrote:There are a lot of superlatives about Skulltrail: the first to run eight CPU cores at 4GHz, and the first to fit in four PCIe x16, both physical and electrical, graphics - or other - card slots. The first to allocate more than 400W power for the processors - and even that may not be enough, as you will see here. The first to enable standard Pentium/Core2-style LGA775 cooling options on a LGA771 socket Xeon processor.
Wonder if you can put two Celerons in it? :P
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Post by davd_bob »

Looks like we can use it to heat our home.
400 watts for just he CPUs !!

At least no mice will live under the desk in the summer time.
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Post by KliK »

but the board have issues...it's not perfect, like BP6 is! :D
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Post by kuun »

hmm find me a newage BP6 and i'll buy it..

preferably with AMD cpu's.. i've grown quite fond of my 64
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