bp6 with Adaptec ultra 133 ATA adapter problem

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bp6 with Adaptec ultra 133 ATA adapter problem

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I have a bp6 motherboard that I am trying to install a PCI Adaptec ultra 133 ATA controller card into so I can support a new 400Gb drive I just purchased.

If I plug in the card in PCI2,3,4 or 5 slots it is not seen in the control panel.

System basics: Windows 2000 server, Intel PCI lan card, and a NVIDIA RIVA TNT isa video card. I see no conflicts on the IRQs. I have removed the modem and Turtle beach sound card so the system is stripped down as much as possible.

The board does see the 2 existing drives in the machine plugged into drive ports 3 and 4.

Any one have any insight?
Dave Rave
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check along the lines of other cards ...
something about PCI compliance with getting a voltage rail to the card.

there is a lack of voltage along the BP6's pci slot ...
try a search, before I do!
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Dave Rave,
I don't quite follow what you are saying. Are you saying the the voltage needed to power the Adaptec Ultra/133 PCI card is not present?

The Turtle Beach sound card and the Modem in these PCI slots did work so I ass/u/me there is power present.

A search shows some seem to have luck using a promise PCI card, do you think this would be a better choice?

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