Why most recent bios/driver are slower ?

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Post by s4brains » Mon Dec 12, 2005 4:59 pm


KliK, I cannot believe that you are deliberately trying to infuriate me but you have made me very close to losing my patience with you in this discussion regarding this matter.

Move the cursor for your mouse until it hovers over the second URL in my 1st post in this topic and click your mouse button. When the new window opens, move your mouse again to the link that says "Read" next to "Files, resources and links" on that page. This will take you to a page where you may obtain a copy of the BIOS that I am using.

It should not be necessary for me to draw a picture of a hammer, a nail, a wooden board, and provide you with instructions of how to hold the hammer and the nail so that you can use the hammer as a tool to drive the nail into the board. I do not understand why are you being so unreasonable.

I do not believe the BIOS that I am using differs from either of the ones that you have examined with Abit version "RU" and HighPoint version 1.25 in any respect other than the graphic logo which is displayed when the PC boots. I think the Abit logo in the Ruwebit BIOS is far superior to any of the Linux penguin logos that I have seen and I also feel it is more appropriate for a machine running MS Windows.


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Post by Derek » Wed Dec 28, 2005 1:24 pm

Can't we all just get along? :mrgreen:

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Re: now I'm totally confused!

Post by davd_bob » Thu Dec 29, 2005 2:03 am

KliK wrote:my computer looks like:
IDE controller:
PM - CDRW (Auto in BIOS)
SM - IBM-DPTA-371360
SS - DVD (Auto in BIOS)

HPT366 controller with BIOS version 1.28:
PM - WDC800JB (set on UDMA 4)

WinXP device menager says:
SM - PIO?!?!?! (even though "DMA if available" is ON)
SS - PIO (also "DMA if available" is ON)

PM - ????

In SiSoft Sandra 2005:
ATA 0 controller - WDC400BB set on UDMA2
ATA 1 contreller - IBM-DPTA-371360 set on UDMA2 ?!?!?!
ATA 2 controller - WDC800JB set on MWDMA2 (privius to this writing it was set on PIO mode..., but also in that report Sandra says that only PIO4 and MWDMA2 are avaliable for this HDD or HPT366 device...so it must be it!!!) :(
also MWDMA is confirmed in TuneUp Utilities 2006!

and in benchmark HPT366 with WDC800JB still has 10MB/s!!! (don't forget that the MWDMA2 has 16,6MB/s index!)

so can anybody tell me, can there be more that 2 HDD on UDMA setting?!
Sorry I didn't get into this earlier guys. (I will give my amature evaluation. :lol:)

1) Make sure the master on ANY IDE port is the faster drive. If the slower one is the master the faster will be held back since it it only the slave.(Most techs set the HDD as master and the removable as Slave)

2) YES more then 2 HDDs can be set to UDMA. In fact they ALL can as long as you don't configure a PIO4 as the master and a UDMA2 as the slave.(don't know why your IDE2 is not giving you "Ultra" casue that IBM drive is capable)

3) Remember the HTP366 is flakey but once set up correctly should make your drive 'sing. Test your WD80 on IDE1-PM and see what it does. I got great preformance from mine on IDE1-PM then moved it to HTP366-PM and got a BIG boost. A Promise Ultra-100 would get the best results but do you need the speed or is it just a "bragging" point.

4) I don't know if this relates but recently I've encountered OS problems(XP-Home) with drives that were "imaged." Some issue about the mechanical drive geometry being one thing but the OS thinking that geomerty was something else. I got the WD tool disk with my WD80 and use it mostly for imaging partitions.

I got lucky I guess, cause my HTP366 worked perfectly with W2K Pro SP4. I installed the OS on that WD80(IDE1-PM) then after the HotPoint drivers were installed I moved it to HTP366-PM and set it to boot from that drive first. Of course that system is down for the moment so I can't tell you which bios, but I'm pretty sure it was the RU-Ruby version.
Good luck
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Post by KliK » Fri Dec 30, 2005 2:43 pm

as you could read it earlier, i think i got the sollution! it's working fine, over 36MB/s which is 55% of teoretical 66,6MB/s on UDMA4...but it's faster than PCI slot can handle (and that is 33,3MB/s)...so all those guys that use Promise ULTRA-100, they can only brag...cause the real speed can't go over the 33,3MB/s for PCI card!

also, get the drivers on the HighPoint homeapge, and boot the WinXP insteller with them...that woudl work, and you can format the 80GB HD and install the OS on it!

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