BP6 Strange Behavior Re-visited

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Post by RRLedford » Wed Aug 07, 2002 12:13 am

I have (3) BP6 systems all running off the same WinXP clean install, Ghosted around (love those Kiwi s/w developers). 1ST one always takes 2+ power ups to get one boot. But, it shuts off without the OK NOW screen.
2nd BP6 system goes off & on with no OK NOW or any hesitation on power up.
3rd system has the OK NOW screen to shut down & almost always starts on 1st power feed. This also has the row of white blocks forming from left to right as WinXP initially boats/loads (other 2 BP6s don't do this).

I specifically Ghosted all from one good build to avoid this kind of crap.
Talk about a work in progress - Windows-XP is wearing me down!

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