Some help with OC'ing

Batch codes, RAM specs, BIOS settings, etc..
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Some help with OC'ing

Post by webtrakker » Wed Jan 18, 2006 10:33 am

I've the bp6 with the unofficial latest BIOS running dual 500 celeron mendonco's (or what ever there called), 2x256mb cs3 and 1x128mb cs3 ram, cd hanging off the standard ide and silicon image 680 ata 133 card with raid drives.

Question is anyone know a safe speed for over clocking, the bus speed is more important for me as I'm looking at putting some sata drives and a card in.

The server is used for testing web development and sql on win2003.

Cheers for any help in advance!


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Post by KliK » Wed Jan 18, 2006 11:07 am

it is mandocinno procesors!

if you are using 500/66, then the best you can get is 540/72 or 562,5/75...don't know much the SATA drive will do with OC PCI (from 33 to 36 or 37,5MHz!)...but you can OC and see...

but for that you must get bigger coolers for processors & active cooling for BX chipset (i use bigger heatsink for BX on 72MHz FSB!)...also you might have to up the voltage, mine works fine on 2.05V...some of the guys use 2,2V for going to 600, but the most you can get from Mendocinno is 566 without tampering the voltage (information from Intel!) you might not have to up voltage at all!!!

also, don't go over the 37,5MHz on PCI slots!!! but if you would like to have 100MHz FSB with 33MHz PCI, you would have to use 366 processors!!!

now do the work, and post some rsults for overclocking...

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Post by davd_bob » Wed Jan 18, 2006 8:39 pm

Its "Mendocino" and your post didn't say in what way FSB was important to you. If you mean a stable system then you want to run at 66 or 100FSB in which case Klik was correct in recomending you use 366s instead of those 500s. Then you will likely get 96 to 100FSB on a stable system.

If you were talking about OCing the FSB then it depends on your other componants and what they will tolerate. You will have to try increasing from 66 to about 75FSB and see how they work.

I did a search on Mendocino celeron and got the following link. I never thought of looking there before and was astounded at the some of the information.
good luck
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Post by KliK » Tue Feb 07, 2006 1:45 pm

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