No powerdown after shutdown...

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Win2k is NT 5.0, XP is 5.1 or 5.2. Yeah, they really did charge you a lot more for a point release.

As for your problem, don't futz with the ACPI or MPS values in the bios and then expect windows to boot again happily. NT derivative OSes use a HAL (hardware abstraction layer) to provide an interface to the system hardware. This allows software in the OS to see a simplified version of the underlying components and make programming easier and stability greater, not to mention security. Anyway, this HAL is configured at install time based of ACPI and MPS values; it then needs them every time thereafter to boot properly. If you change them the HAL will be wrong and the software crash. To account for this you either need to change the System device in the device manager to whatever you want to change things to before rebooting and changing the bios or change the bios settings and reinstall windows. I prefer the latter method, as it leaves fewer opportunities for mistakes, though takes more time.

EDIT: APM is Advanced Power Management. This is the thing that allows the machine to shut down drives or PCI cards to save juice, hibernate, sleep, etc. It's also the main component in shutting the machine off when you halt the OS.
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