Did I blow my BP6 Board?

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I would reinstall Windows before you give up on your board. You may have just corrupted a vital system file while you were overclocking.
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The nature of Win2k is such that seemingly minor things, like some little old CMOS BIOS settings can totally crap it up & prevent booting.
So, the moral of the story is - write down wour BIOS settings while they still work! Because it's one tedious load of work to play with them on a trial & error basis until you stumble on the right combo to get you back up & running again!!!!
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Just to clarify, I assume you were just changing the CPU type menu in the bios, eg you tried to tell it that you had 2 600MHz cpu's instead of 2 533's. This won't work, to overclock you must set the CPU type to "User Defined", set the CPU multiplier to the right setting (for you its 8) then you can preceed to change the FSB speed up from 66MHz until you hit the ceiling, to be honest, experience from others states that you won't get a 533 anywhere near a 100MHz FSB, I've got 433's and they flake out around 80MHz.

Also make sure you change Speed Error Hold to "Disabled"

What you'll find is that after you cleared your CMOS the board defaulted back to 366MHz as the CPU type in the BIOS which is probably why Win2k throws its rattle out the pram, Linux is clearly just a little more grown up. If you sort out the BIOS settings everything should be hunky-dory. :D
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