Q about wireless networking...

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Q about wireless networking...

Post by KliK » Sat Oct 13, 2007 7:19 am

so now at home i've got the ADSL modem with 4 cabel exits...all 4 of those are in my room (like the modem), 2 of the are on my computers...

for sister computer i've enabled the wireless network with encryption...it works well, but the signal is not strong on the other side of the apartment where we live (about 13dB)...

so i want to make the signal better!

the wireless repeater costs about 100€, which is much...
for that money i can buy a wireless router with LAN exits...so my question is: can i setup the MAC adresses for the sistem WLAN to call the wireless router...and that router to call my ADSL modem! would that work? has anyone tried that?

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Post by s4brains » Sat Oct 13, 2007 9:50 am


I can't clearly picture how your set-up is currently configured. It does not make sense to me when you say you have "enabled a wireless network with encryption" and yet you talk as if you do not yet have a wireless router. Wireless routers typically have (5) hardwire connectors. One connector obviously goes to the DSL modem, and at least one one usually goes to a PC which will serve as the configuration source for the router. The hardwire ports provide the fastest transfer speeds, of course, so it is wise to use hardwire connections wherever possible. Use your configuration source PC to set-up an encryption method of your choice for the wireless connections. Within the confines of a building a fairly strong signal for wireless connections can usually be obtained up to a distance of about 50 meters separation from the router to the wirelessly equipped PC's.

If you are unable to get a strong signal within this distance it is likely that you are connecting to a wireless router that is not your own (i.e. someone else's router) which is located farther away than the router for which you wish to connect with (your own router), or that your appartment building is flooded with wireless transmissions from numerous sources which are colliding with each other. I would perform a preliminary search before deciding on a channel for your wireless network and attempt to locate a channel with the least traffic. Most wireless USB adapters and wireless add-in cards are "optimized" for channel #6, but little is lost by choosing a channel which operates at a frequency other than optimum unless the separation distance is extreme. I personally favor channel #11 as there always seems to be the fewest people using that channel.

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Post by KliK » Sat Oct 13, 2007 10:15 am

the modem is wireless&LAN router...so on it i can configure the WLAN, which i did...
the distance is 10-15m between the router & the source...but the signal is weak, as I said! so i want to amplifie it!

i'm connected to my router...'cause it's coded, and named!
and there is only one other WLAN, wich gives 3dB signal - so no there is no flooding of the signal...just big concrete walls, which don't do much good for wireless!

in other to amplifie the signal, i'm thinking of putting another router & configure it to my network...but question is can a WLAN router get the WLAN signal & send it futher to WLAN adapter on computer?
and i don't intent to use the WLAN router for any wire connection...only WLAN access!

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Post by InactiveX » Mon Oct 15, 2007 9:53 am

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Post by tenchimuyo93 » Wed Oct 17, 2007 9:59 pm

i know most Belkin wireless routers have the option to also run as an Access Point. which can be used as a repeater in a wireless network. i run 2 belkin wireless routers in my home, one as the regular router and the second as an AP in the middle of my house {and it give me 4 extra wired ports also hehehe}.

the model im using goes for about 50$ us

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