P4 OC Q, whats best?

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P4 OC Q, whats best?

Post by Nutz » Sat Feb 21, 2004 11:07 am

I'm, finally, back online and crushing units again :) Not important but whats important is that this time I have a few new machines and a question.. I've got this new P4C800 with a 2.4C and been doing a little OC'in. My current setup can do 2.9Ghz at FSB 245 with 1:1 on mem but also 3.1Ghz at FSB 258 with 4:5 on mem, effective ~207. Both is 24/7.
So.. What ya think is best? HT and PAT is enabled.
I´ll do some more OC'in but I need both new ram and a new heatsink, trying to find out what to buy first :)

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