BeOS Breaks 1GB RAM Limit

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BeOS Breaks 1GB RAM Limit

Post by InactiveX »

One of the major obstacles to using BeOS as a workstation OS is being fixed.

A significant limit of BeOS r5.0.3 was that the total system and video RAM could not exceed 1GB. This was a big problem for users who wanted to create large media projects and other tasks which required a lot of memory.

A talented hacker who goes by the name of Euan Kirkhope has produced a workaround. ... &start=110

More work needs to be done on the fix - at the moment BeOS reports only 64MB RAM - but all installed RAM is used by the OS and tested applications seem to be behaving.

This is a significant milestone passed, and increases BeOS's useability in the high-end audio/video workstation area.
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Post by Tom_Artosorse »

Yay, tis good news my friend - all I need now is SATA drivers and support for newer Radeon cards and I might be able to run BeOS on my newest rig. Here's hoping ;o)
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Post by kuun »


i think i might give BeOS a try sooner or later
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