Windows XP Reloaded

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Windows XP Reloaded

Post by Derek » Thu Feb 26, 2004 10:19 pm

Does this have anything to do with the Matrix spoof Microsoft presented a Comdex?
CNET wrote:Microsoft is considering updating Windows XP before it releases Longhorn, the code name for a major overhaul of the industry's dominant operating system that is not expected for about two years.

Issuing an update to XP would represent a significant shift for the software maker, which for months has insisted that it had no plans to create a separate version of Windows before Longhorn. A company executive confirmed to CNET on Thursday that Microsoft is now discussing a product internally referred to as "Windows XP Reloaded."
Umm? Here's the full article for more details :arrow: ... =nefd_lede

Now we have two things to look foward to: Service Pack 2 & XP Reloaded! :D


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